Daytona 500 Day! as interpreted by Hawkeye

(gdi, click to open gif – don’t have time to fix now. eta: omg, why would one gif work but not the others!)

Green flag:

hawkeye dance

Ok, I understand the strategy of riding around at the back, but:

hawkeye blink gif

And now it’s raining:

:hawkeye rain

8:30pm Update: and we’re racing again

renner chair dance


Earl just said my favorite words:  New leader, 48

hawkeye internally screaming


Junior wins!  As a JJ fan, totally ok with that.  After all the hoopla re: Austin Dillon in the 3, glad to see Junior win.

Ok, my problem with A.Dillon is really really trivial:  the cowboy hat.  You ain’t that special, kid, wear the sponsor cap like all the other drivers.

renner smoking

(oh, yeah, Jimmie finished 5th.)