June 8th – Half Moon Bay to Monterey

Woke up early (for CA time, normal for NY time).  Headed south on Highway 1 towards Santa Cruz.  Stopped at this little pull off area and found seals!

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Very foggy this morning, I was on the road around 7:30am.  I think I may have missed some of the views because of the fog.  Santa Cruz was a busy tourist town.  Stopped at Safeway (for a toothbrush, so far the only thing I’ve forgotten to pack) and picked up a turkey pesto avocado sandwich for lunch later.  Didn’t spend much time in Santa Cruz, moved on towards Monterey.

Learned the hard way that the first step to putting the top down on a convertible is to tie your hair back.  Otherwise, that was pretty cool, actually.  Never been in a convertible before.  It wasn’t as windy as I expected.

Made it  to Monterey, took the 17 Mile Drive.  I highly recommend it, totally worth the $10.

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Driving:  135.7 miles

Walking: 12,964 steps

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