June 15th – Dana Point to Cambria

Me:  Well, Highway 1 is kind of boring down here, so I’ll take I-5 North instead, should be easier.

State of California: ahahahahahaha


I-5 through/around LA is pretty incredible, especially considering it’s a Sunday. Whatever, I was in no hurry, picked a lane and went with the flow.  It actually reminded me of the fish schools (the little fish, sardines maybe) at the Aquarium, the way the traffic flowed.

Finally got through LA, so it’ll get better right?  Well, there was less traffic…  there also was a mountain so steep (elevation sign said 4144 feet near the top, considering I started at literal sea level…) that there were signs to turn off the air conditioning so that your car wouldn’t over heat and a free! radiator water refilling station about half way up. (and of course I had to watch the thermostat the entire rest of the day)  It was hot, somewhere vaguely around Bakersfield I stopped for lunch and it was 95F.  But it was a dry heat (no really, it didn’t feel like 95F at all).

So, it’ll get better once I get over the mountains, right?  Well… I drove through the edges of a dust cloud on this loooonnng straight flat road (I think it was after I got off I-5, Route 46 West maybe?) that seemed to go on forever and ever – it freaked me out more than the LA traffic honestly, it was a little surreal.

Anyway, finally made it back to the central coast, yay!, but didn’t end up taking any pictures today.


Driving:  293 miles (broke 1000 total!)

Walking: 2,943 steps

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