June 10th – Highway 1 South and Hearst Castle

Highway 1 south from Monterey to Hearst Castle was amazing.  Twisting and turning, up hill and down hill, around every corner another stunning view.  I stopped a lot – to both look and to catch my breath.  A couple places I wasn’t actually able to stop at because of the vertigo.  The road is up pretty high from the shore and it’s awfully close to straight down.  There wasn’t much traffic, so I could pretty much go at my own pace.  Just before San Simeon, there were elephant seals!

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Spent the afternoon at Hearst Castle.  Amazing place.  A lot of the inside  pictures didn’t come out well because of no flash.  I did two of the tours and would definitely go back to do more of them.

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Driving:  128.7 miles

Walking: 12,763 steps

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