June 11th – Morro Bay to Santa Monica

Not as much fun as the drive the day before.  Highway 1 merges with 101 for awhile and runs inland, away from the coast.  Saw a lot of produce fields (Dole and Driscoll), lost Highway 1 twice but found it again.  Traffic is crazy but not really that bad, but then again I’m not in a hurry either.

Had lunch in Malibu, probably the most expensive grilled cheese I’ve ever had but it was tasty.  Tried to guess who was in all the expensive cars.

Walked the Santa Monica pier, forgot to take pictures.  After the central coast, Santa Monica beach just isn’t as exciting.  I’m looking forward to the LA tour tomorrow and the San Diego zoo, but so far, I prefer the central coast to SoCal.

My hotel in Morro Bay was next to this bird nesting area.  I could hear them when I got there but it was dark.  Took these pictures this morning, then some oil drilling rigs somewhere between there and here, but that was pretty much it for pictures today.

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Driving:  216.1 miles

Walking:  13,252 steps (doesn’t seem right – must have been a bumpy car ride)

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